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Dear Adam,

I’m wanting to purchase a new device, what’s the best way to transfer the information from my current device to my new one?

It’s common these days for people to replace devices, particularly phones, quicker than ever before. This is likely because devices keep improving rapidly with every release and new versions are coming out almost annually. The best and quickest way to transfer information is to save backups of the data online.

Two of the most popular brands, Samsung and Apple, both have online systems for storing data. They make it incredibly easy to access your data, using a log in, from wherever you are in the world and using whatever device you want. By saving backups on your current device, the information is stored safely. Content such as photos, music, apps, documents, contacts and more will can be transferred onto the new device. Additionally, moving data online frees up storage space on your device. In most cases, it’s also possible to transfer data between iOS (Apple devices) and Android (Samsung). For phones, your SIM card is basically your phone number, and they can also store contact information, telephone numbers, SMS messages and more. You can remove the SIM card and put it into the new phone to keep this information.

There are many online storage options for devices, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. You can save files there and then simply access your account on the new device.

The majority of device owners will store a large amount of valuable data on them that they need access to. It’s also important to back up your device regularly so that the information cannot be lost, due to damage, being stolen, or for any other reason.

If you are unsure about how you can successfully transfer your information to a new device, visit the friendly team at Harvey Norman where we can help.

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