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I hate to admit it but my mother was right all along… veggies are good for you, looking directly into the sun is bad for you, and watching your children grow up does happen far too quickly. It’s that last one that has got me all emo lately. The Longest Breakup - Daddy Diary February 2022

How is my baby boy nearly three and my baby girl now in Grade 3! Where did the years go? The start of the school term hit me like a ton of bricks. Matilda (our little “Miss 7”) isn’t even one of the little kids at school anymore. You know that awkward time when their backpack is bigger than their actual back, and the uniform always seems kinda baggy. Those days seem so long ago. That cute, pudgy little preppy has been replaced with a cool and confident young lady.

I’m just not ready. At the end of last year my seven going on 17-year-old was all made up (red lipstick and all) for her end of year dance concert. This image actually brought on tears. STOP GROWING. But it’s not just Matilda that has me feeling like a senior citizen. Charlie, our “Mr 2”, is equally responsible. Mate – you are supposed to be my baby boy. What happened? It honestly feels like yesterday that we piled your heavily pregnant mother into the car to welcome you into the world.

Now you’re screaming towards birthday number three and absolutely ruling the roost. It’s Charlie’s way or the highway at the Clifton residence. The Boss Baby movies could have been your biopic. Our big, bold, bossy boy. I once heard parenthood described as the longest breakup a person will ever endure. With each year that passes, our children become just that little less reliant on us… and eventually they will fly the coop.

But we parents need to rest assured – they will always be our kids, and I believe they will ALWAYS need us. It’s just what they need from us that changes. In the meantime, if Matilda and Charlie could cool their jets a little we might be able to stop my hairs from greying at rapid speed. Your mother and I love you both to the moon and back.

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