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Dear Jolon, I want to put together a family first aid kit. Do you have any tips?

First aid kits provide a range of items commonly used in first aid in the event of an emergency. They come in many different sizes with different items to suit all kinds of practical situations such as the workplace, home, boat, camping, sport and more.

As the kits are intended to be available to use if an emergency arises, it is important to think of the possible situations that they may be engaged. This will ensure the items that may be required are included in the first aid kit. It may be necessary to add items to pre-prepared kits to cover possible situations, such as a snake bite bandage.

First aid kits should be periodically checked to ensure all items are in good working order. Once the first aid kit is employed for an emergency, it should be replenished at the earliest convenient time after the emergency has passed so that it is ready if needed in the future. Some items contained within the first aid kits can have an expiry date. While this may seem unnecessary for some items, it may be required by regulation to ensure workplaces keep all first aid kits compliant.

In addition to always having an appropriately stocked first aid kit, it is a great idea for everyone to undertake a nationally recognised first aid course. These courses happen all year round and should include resuscitation (CPR). In the event of an emergency, having items present that can save a life is pointless unless someone is present who is trained in what to do.

If you’d like assistance on what to pack in a first aid kit, we’d love to help so come see us.

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