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Dear Robyn,

Hi Robyn, is there a “best” time of year to sell my property?

Not really. Generally speaking, you can sell your property at any time of the year. There are always buyers in the market place looking for their dream home, and your property is bound to be perfect for somebody.

However, timing can make a huge difference to the price you receive for your home and how quickly you make the sale. The end of year tends to increase transient buyers, whereas end of financial year brings out the investors. That being said, we do have peaks and troughs in the market place, and there are definitely some influences that may affect attendances at open homes.

Attendances at open homes over long weekends usually decrease because people go into relaxing mode. School holidays also seem to change families’ routines, with many heading out of town or spending time together, so attendances may be lower.

Also, during the two weeks straddling Christmas and New Year’s (when the solicitors offices are closed), everyone is distracted with holidays, gifts and celebrating, often resulting in less visitors.

The weather can influence attendance, too. Stinking hot weather keeps people away, because it’s just not comfortable to be outdoors. However, this is a good reminder to make sure your air conditioners are working. Rain may also keep buyers away, but it shouldn’t, as this is when they can come along and see leaks, run off and water pooling in the yard.

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