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The Youth Empowerment and Support Service (YESS) is available through MADEC and is a vital support for young people in the community needing assistance.

Teenagers experience a range of challenges, including – but not limited to; family relationships, education, mental health, safe accommodation, financial independence, health services and substance misuse.

Often teens and their families are unsure of where to go for assistance or, where to begin the process to find information about who can help. Having someone to connect with for information and referrals is important, to ensure families and teens find the services best suited to their individual situation. During the 8 years of operating the YESS program through MADEC, strong professional relationships have been formed with family support services in Mackay, Whitsundays and Bowen. This means the referrals are individualised and the appropriate services can then assist the Young Person and their families in a more holistic manner.

The YESS Team can support young people to attend healthcare appointments, re-engage with education, navigate the Dept of Housing and Centrelink systems, transition to independence, link and refer to appropriate services and have advocacy support. The Team also work from a foundation of building trust and confidence with young people to encourage and empower them to make healthier life choices.

The community can also support by donating or sharing what they can, including items like food or supermarket vouchers, phone credit, personal hygiene items, clothes, bedding, household items, baby care items, education fees, school uniforms, free safe crisis and affordable long-term accommodation.

For further information and a referral pack please contact the MADEC Youth Services Manager Tania Atkins by phone on 0429 877 003 or by email at

Contact us at to discuss how we can assist you. Our friendly team are ready to help!