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Dear Mitchell, how can we be prepared for the cyclone season?

In Queensland, our cyclone season runs from November until April. They usually form from “low” weather systems within the monsoon trough. They pose a serious threat to the community with high winds, torrential rain and flooding. While we don’t necessarily have a cyclone every year, it’s vital to be prepared.

Prepare food and water

Stock up on non-perishable foods (such as tinned vegetables and fish) and fill your water storage containers. Don’t forget a can opener and food for your pets too.

Prepare your home

Repair any loose tiles, eaves and screws on the roof and clean gutters and downpipes so water drains quickly. It’s also a good idea to invest in a chainsaw to trim trees and overhanging branches to minimise potential damage.

Prepare an emergency kit

Include essential hygiene items such as toilet paper, toothpaste and soap. You should also include a first aid kit and manual, cash, medication, rope, a torch, candles, and battery-powered radio with extra batteries. Keep a spare change of clothes for each family member.

It’s also a good idea to ensure your home, contents and car insurance are current and cover your assets adequately, and to keep emergency numbers close. Power outages are common, which is why we recommend looking into purchasing a generator for reliable energy supply.

At Porters Mitre 10, we’ve been assisting the Mackay & Whitsunday community for 136 years and are a one-stop-shop for all your home and hardware needs. If you’re unsure about what to purchase for your kit or how to ensure your home is ready in case of a severe storm, come in and see our mighty helpful team – we’d be more than happy to assist you in preparing your home for the cyclone season.

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