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Dear Robyn, are there ways to present my property that may increase the sale price?

Absolutely. Try to present your property like it’s a show home – regardless of whether it is brand new or older than Grandma. There is a buyer
out there for every property, so present your property to the best of your ability. Complete all of the smaller nitty-gritty jobs prior to listing so that buyers can’t negotiate.

Here are a few more ways you can best present your property:

Clean, clean and then clean some more – cleaning costs you your time, but it can add thousands to a sale price. It also soothes buyers into perceiving that the property has been well looked after and maintained.

Lots of natural light and a breeze – if the weather is uncomfortable, ensure air conditioners and fans are working properly and turned on to appease buyers, especially irritable children who are exhausted from inspecting home after home.

Pleasant smells – the old wives’ tale was brewed coffee or baked biscuits. However, diffusers or carpet sprays work just as well. Not only do they give a pleasant smell to the property, it makes the overall area feel clean and airy.

Try to appeal to the widest audience – you might like purple walls, but not everyone does. Stick to neutral colour schemes throughout the property.

Declutter – clear all large spaces such as walls, benches and floors to create more space.

Depersonalise – buyers will often subconsciously look at your framed wedding photo on the wall to see if they recognise you or your family. This distracts them from the task of imagining themselves living in the home, so take a moment to depersonalise the home.

If you’d like my help, I’d love to hear from you.

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