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Unfortunately, the school holidays and our annual leave entitlements don’t balance out, which means parents often struggle – not just with care for their children while they continue to work, but also the associated guilt.

It’s also hard for parents to take time for themselves, when they have spent so much time away from their children. This leads to us neglecting our own self-care.

Parents often feel guilty when it comes to self-care. Taking time out can just seem “selfish” when there is so much to do! Everything else – the children, partners, friends, family and work tends to take priority. However, we all know that can only work in the short-term. We will eventually burn out and not be able to support our family or our workplace.

Top 5 Tips for Working Parents 

So, this holiday period, here are my top 5 tips for working parents to ensure long-term mental and physical wellbeing:

  1. Remember – YOU are a role-model for your children. If you want your children to take care of themselves be the example!
  2. Everyone needs downtime – if you don’t fill up your “cup” with rest, good nutrition, hydration and exercise it will have a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. No time? Self-care doesn’t have to take long. Stop and take a few long, slow, deep breaths; stretch for 5 minutes; take a short walk outside; make a nourishing meal; go to bed a little earlier… all of these short activities will add up over time and help you to keep your energy up!
  4. Stay positive – watch a funny movie and make time to have fun with the kids.
  5. No alone time? Practice self-care activities with the kids. It will be good for you and the kids – Win Win!

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