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hands up who’s forgotten their New Year’s resolution to live a healthy lifestyle already? Well, by March approximately 80 percent of resolutions have been forgotten, so it’s no surprise that many of you reading this would have raised your hand! Well, PakMag to the rescue! We have some great ways that you can stay fit and healthy in Mackay, and we’ve done the hard work, so you have no excuse!

Eating Well

A huge part of the battle is what you put in your mouth. Fresh is best, so why not head to the Greater Whitsunday Farmers’ Market. It’s open every Wednesday from 6.30am – 10.00am so you’ve got plenty of time to visit the stalls and pick up all of your veggies for the week. You could even turn this into a family event, taste test different fruits and get excited planning your recipes together.

Make sure you don’t have naughty temptations in your home. We’re firm believers in ‘everything in moderation’ but if you remove sugary, salty and fatty snacks from your home, you’re less likely to pig out on them! It’s good for the kids not to have these foods so easily accessible too as it not only makes for a healthier body but it also teaches them life long healthy habits.

Physical Exercise

Yes, unfortunately there’s no magic formula for keeping fit and healthy, exercise is an important element that none of us should ignore. But, lucky for us, Mackay is chocked full of different sporting activities, meaning there’s something for everyone. Picking something you like is the key to making sure you don’t quit. Think about it, if you take up running and it’s something you loathe, how long do you think you’ll survive on will power alone?

The Gym

For some of us, we need to work out alone. We need to get to the gym, do our thing, on our own and go home! For sole exercisers, the right gym can make or break us, so picking one that is suited to your needs is essential.

For parents, picking a gym with child minding or a creche is a great idea, and there are plenty of options in Mackay and the Whitsundays. Thinking about what else you want in a gym will also help you pick the perfect place for you. Location is important but do you have any other criteria? Ladies only section? Pool? Extensive class timetable? Great weekly rate? Think about what you need and go from there.

The Class

Attending a class is a great way to be guided through exercise without having to think about it yourself. Whatever your preference, there will be a class for you. At many gyms, you can attend high intensity classes like Les Mills Pump or low-impact classes like yoga, which is great because you have the diversity of doing different classes whenever you feel like it.

There’s also the option to book into classes of your preferred exercise, without joining up to the gym. There are plenty of Pilates and Yoga classes in dedicated studios. Plus, there are a number of book camps, functional training and other exercise-specific classes all over Mackay to choose from.’

The Team

As parents, team sports are usually something that we’re well versed in, especially when we’re sweltering on the sidelines as our little ones get involved in Saturday sports! But it’s important to remember that there are so many team sports that adults can get involved in too. There are plenty of other team sports such as competitive netball, AFL, Rugby and more that you can get involved in. Check with your local club for sign on days and information.

The Outdoors

Mackay and the Whitsundays are lucky to have some of the best outdoor exercise spaces in Far North Queensland. Head to Mackay Botanic Gardens to take a stroll, not only will you get your blood pumping, but you’ll get out amongst nature and experience some lovely views. Or you could get down to John Breen Park in North Mackay to check out the new state-of-the-art outdoor fitness equipment. Try something different on the weekend and take a trip to a waterfall. Cedar Creek Falls is a great option for a walk and a swim. Or head out for a hike and make the day of it at Finch Hatton Gorge, Peak Range National Park or Eungella National Park.

The Lifestyle

As well as eating well and exercising, there are a number of things that you can implement into your lifestyle for it to be considered a healthy one. Here’s some things we suggest to make a healthier, happier you:

• Get 8 hours. The importance of sleep is often underrated but the effects of sleep deprivation on your overall health can be immense.

• Laugh. The physical act of laughing can relieve tension and stress, it also boosts your immune system!

• Love. Whether you have a significant other or not, loving the people in your life is important to your overall happiness. And your mental state has a substantial impact on your health.

• Meditate. Our busy lives are stressful. Meditating not only helps us relax mentally, it can also have physical benefits. Research shows that meditation is good for the heart, can counteract IBS and gets insomnia under control.

• Digital Detox. The positive physical and mental implications of using your device less are numerous. Neck issues from constantly looking down, restless sleep and anxiety can be reduced the less you are attached to your phone.


So, forget the New Year’s resolutions, they’re made to be broken! Instead, take steps for a healthier lifestyle so when 31 December creeps around again, you won’t need to make dramatic, short lived promises to improve your health.